China wants to integrate SIMUST to put Chinese football in the spotlight.

China wants to integrate SIMUST to put Chinese football in the spotlight.

Datum : 11-03-2021

In a Joint Venture, SINA Voetballab and China Business Center Europe have announced that SIMUST will be introduced in China. SIMUST, a product of SINA Voetballlab, is a high-tech system which detects and overcomes the weaknesses of football players. The expectations are very high in China as the country is eager to develop its young talented players to world-class level.

The First Center, the “Flagship” will be operational in the fourth quarter of 2021. In a three-year plan, several of these centers will be built and installed in China.

Xi Jinping, the leader of China and a fanatic football fan, has a very clear vision for Chinese football. The country is to become one of the main players in the world of football.

China has been trying to implement western football philosophy in the East Asian Country for many years by contracting as many European trainers as possible. Now, with the introduction of the new SIMUST technology, it is hoping to become one of the top five Asian powerhouses. Siamak Azadi the founder of SINA Voetballab and the brain behind SIMUST is approaching these ambitious plans from a different perspective. Coming from Iran he understands that countries with specific technological know-how and ideology often fail to implement this, partly because they bypass the cultural background. “In order to become successful, we first need to understand the culture and adjust our approach to the host country’s way of thinking, and not the other way around. We have the right tools but are determined to respect the Chinese ideology and cultural philosophy.”

Chunmei Maja Sun, founder of China Business Center Europe, states “We have done our homework. SIMUST is a brilliant tool and will certainly help to develop Chinese Football. We have very high expectations of our cooperation with SINA Voetballab and look forward to rolling out this system in China.”

“As culture of popular sports in China forming rapidly and sports industry booming, we firmly believe that football has a bright future here. At the same time, the evolving technology and perfect supply chain system of China will also make SIMUST shine.” added by Miranda Guo, CEO of the Joint Venture in China.

SIMUST will be built and installed in two different versions. The “SINA-SIMUST Center of Excellence” and “SINA-SIMUST Express”. The Center of Excellence will be an extended version of SINA Voetballab in the Netherlands. Alongside therapy, rehabilitation, performance upgrade and diagnostics, the SIMUST Academy will play a central role in the Center of Excellence.

The main objective of the SIMUST Academy in China will be to transfer and implement the methodology and know-how developed by SINA Voetballab. Talented players will be identified and
transformed into smart and unbeatable players. In order to achieve this both parties will pull out all the stops.